The AURIC Mission

To improve both human and animal health, the Auburn University Research Initiative in Cancer (AURIC) fosters an environment of excellence in cancer research and promotes research that enhances competitiveness to advance the understanding of the biology of cancer, and to foster the translation of novel technologies from the laboratory to the clinic.

AURIC has begun to create a vibrant, functional and growing program to leverage this new funding opportunity into a sustainable, university-wide cancer research effort with contacts and collaborations throughout the state, region, country and world.

AURIC is human medicine, animal medicine, research and diagnostics where faculty, students, and staff are working together to solve the complex puzzle of cancer. AURIC is based within the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, but AURIC is everywhere, from the laboratory to the clinic.

Program Goals

  1. AURIC will build on existing strengths in nanotherapeutics, nanomedicine, cancer genetics, gene targeting, and the capacity to develop translational models.
  2. AURIC will encourage faculty participation in cancer research and will support and facilitate the strategic recruitment of new faculty whose interests and expertise will advance AURIC’s mission. 



3. AURIC will assist faculty members and investigative teams with grantsmanship skills and proposal development. 

4. AURIC will explore new directions and opportunities such as links with existing Auburn University College of Veterinary programs as well as with local, regional, and national entities.