As part of its mission, AURIC will administer or sponsor a variety of programs annually. These programs will enhance community knowledge, increase collaboration and interaction between cancer researchers, and improve faculty success rates when applying for funding.

Proposal Pre-review

Proposal pre-review program – Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals to an AURIC review panel for NIH/NSF style reviews prior to submission. Data show that pre-review is probably the single most effective tool to enhance grant review scores.

Faculty are encouraged to use this program early in the planning stages as well as prior to submission of the completed proposal. Faculty must allow two weeks for review. For further information, contact the AURIC director at

Annual Meeting

AURIC cancer meeting – AURIC will host a scientific meeting designed to enhance collaboration and knowledge in the area of cancer. The proposed date is fall 2013 with the location yet to be determined.




In 2012, AURIC awarded over $130,000 for matching funds for the 2012-13 Auburn University Intramural Grants Program. 

In 2013, AURIC has awarded more than $200,000 to investigators with seed grants of up to $20,000 each. 

Approximately $400,000 in additional research funding by AURIC for MRI and high throughput screening proposals is pending.